House Portraits

by Crystal Deshaies

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

T H E  S T O R Y  O F  Y O U R  L I F E  —  I N   A   P A I N T I N G!


crescent beach house portrait


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   vancouver house portrait  


Home and Garden Portraits


The story of your life in a painting.

Engage Crystal Deshaies to create a highly personalized home portrait that captures your garden, cherished memories and objects, loved ones, and pets. These exquisitely detailed, custom works of art have become family heirlooms.

With years of experience painting botanicals, Crystal can paint your garden in any season.

Personalized, illustrated gift certificates are available for special occasions.


M O R E  A B O U T  T H E  A R T I S T  A N D  T E S T I M O N I A L S

3-step creative process


Please call the studio at 604-732-9523, or email

My passion is painting, and my joy is to be able to give people back themselves in the form of a painting. The study of music gave me great appreciation for the relationship of form and content, and I have transposed the musical term of composition, rhythm. harmony and colour in my visual work to express the passion I have for life, people and my community.              


Latest News Featured Artwork in

News for 2015

I am working on a number of wonderful projects this year;
currently, a portrait of my client's business. Because
it is a successful family business, they are including family members,
fishing; vinguettes from their world travels; beautiful architecture
from Rome, Seville and other places. And, the dad teeing off with
his fine form!

Other projects are a lovely renovated home in Kerrisdale, just the house,
a "plain statement" as they describe it; another family home in
Kerrisdale featuring the front and back of their incredible garden, using the
"artist's prerogative": they would like the garden blooming in all seasons!

And, more coming up on my roster.

Please note updates for pricing

I am no longer able to update the pricing on the"See my Three Step Creative Process" (Software no longer supported.)

I am offering three format sizes and price ranges:
More detail, views, portraiture etc., higher price
-22"x30" $4500-$5000,
-30"x40" $6000-$8000
-40"x60" $9000-$10,000

You can include as much as your heart desires.
With the 22"x30" format the number of elements might not
be as great, for the sake of the composition.

Also, please note that I need as much as six months to a year
lead time if you would like your portraiture for a special occasion.

I am continuing to offer gift certificates for non-profit organizations
Please call if you would like more information.

Seawall Gallery 2014


We will be there on Sunday, July 20!

Come see us on the seawall: Island Park Walk and Shorepine Walk.
We will be there for the Canada Day and BC Day weekend. I will update for dates
and artists. You can also phone me at 604-732-9523 for more

MacDonald Realty 2013 Calendar

I am so excited about the 2013 Calendar. Please let me know if you would like a copy of my calendar. If you are interested in talking about a house portrait, I would be happy to mail you one or drop one off to you.

Arts at Darts June 18, 2013

The evening of Tuesday June 18th was heavenly, complete with a fantastic fiddler and seraphic dancers floating over the lawn. Hope to see you all next year!

2013 Calendar featuring my Home and Garden Portraits

Fund-raising for The Salvation Army Family Centre and The Aboriginal Family and Child Services.

I'm delighted to have been able to raise $400+ all proceeds going to these great organizations. Let me know if you would like to make a donation of $10 or $5 and I will mail you calendar or drop it off if you are in central Vancouver.

Christmas at Hycroft

The University Women's Club of Vancouver Invites you to the 40th Christmas at Hycroft

November 15&16: 10am-9pm
November 17&18: 10am-9pm

Come and join me in this wonderful Christmas tradition with many other wonderful artisans !

MacDonald Realty 2013 Calendar

I'm so excited about this calendar ! They are saying it is their "best yet". Drop by your local MacDonald Realty office and pick one up, or call me to pick one up at the studio. I will also have some with me at Hycroft for past clients, and those wishing to make an appointment about a Home Portrait.

I am gifting my calendars to family, friends and past clients, and am selling others, (great for Christmas gifts!), the proceeds going to the Salvation Army and other non-profits.

I have a number of portraits on my schedule now, so book now if you are thinking about a portrait for next year.

Watch Musical Vignetes for Home and Garden Portraits
Crystal Painter Video

Seawall Gallery Continues into September

This has been so much fun and rewarding for the talented artists who live here. Please Email Me me for more information and times !

Shed Row Market

Saturday and Sunday, September 29th & 30th
Hours: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at High Point Equestrian Centre

shed·row [shed‐roh]
–noun (at a racetrack) a row or double row of horse barns with individual stalls facing a walkway.

This year, our Market moves to the gorgeous and prestigious High Point Equestrian Center and Clubhouse. A remarkable venue, High Point offers ample parking and easy access for guests, artists, and other vendors alike.

High Point Equestrian Centre

There will be lots of fresh market produce, some other fabulous artists, and some amazing products by ONE EARTH. My favourite the Coconut Flower Nectar sugar.

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